||8-Hour Confined Space Supervisor Training
8-Hour Confined Space Supervisor Training 2023-10-27T11:26:38-04:00

Project Description

8-Hour Confined Space Supervisor Training

The main objective of the Confined Space Operations course is to provide students with knowledge about the safe procedures and duties of the entrant, entry attendant, and supervisor associated with working in confined spaces. The course covers various important topics such as the OSHA standard’s general requirements, the employer’s obligations towards individuals working in confined spaces, identifying confined spaces, entry requirements, potential atmospheric and physical hazards, personal protective equipment, and regulatory mandates.

CEUs 0.8
Course Length 8 Hours including class exam
Course Pricing $170 including card

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Prerequisites Attending students MUST be able to verbelly communicate with teaching instructors in the primary language of the training offered
Learning Outcomes At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Determine the characteristics that define confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces.
  • Enumerate four primary hazards that can be present in permit-required confined spaces.
  • Explain at least one method for controlling each of the four main hazards found in confined spaces.
  • Elaborate on the responsibilities associated with being part of a confined space entry team, including the roles of supervisor, attendant, and entrant.
  • Apply the relevant OSHA training regulations to the specific conditions of the site.
Course Audience This course is designed for individuals who may work in or around confined spaces, including but limited to:

  • Construction: Industrial, Commercial, Private
  • General Industry: Oil and
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