||32-Hour Suspended Scaffold Supervisor
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Project Description

32-Hour Suspended Scaffold Supervisor

The teaching faculty at Andromeda Academy is unparalleled in their scaffold expertise. Courses are enriched by decades of hands-on knowledge that will be conveyed to students. Teaching will include a focus on OSHA and DOB policies and procedures, reading scaffold design drawings, how to evaluate the abilities of the rigging crew, how to train the team, how to identify and respond to safety circumstances. A significant portion of the class time will be dedicated to hands-on training and practice to practice inspecting scaffold equipment, presenting, building and using rigging equipment.

Each student will be evaluated by the instructor to gauge ability to apply rope knots, operate a hoist motor, build a block and tackle system, and terminating rope wire.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Write a suspended scaffold inspection checklist using provided requirements
  • Properly inspect and attach a fall protection system for a suspended scaffold worker
  • Interpret and communicate the OSHA and DOB regulations that relate to the suspended scaffold use
  • Pinpoint hazards and enact safety precautions
  • Define the components of the suspended scaffold system
  • Execute various rope knots, hitches, block and tackle, and wire rope termination
CEUs 3.2
Course Length 32 hours
Course Pricing $430 inclduing card

Group pricing will be provided upon request. Please call us at 347.510.4283, Monday through Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-1pm EST, or email us at


Attending students MUST be able to verbally communicate in English. While there are no training prerequisites, it is recommended that students have experience in rigging operations and supervision of suspended scaffold systems.


As per 3314.4.5.4 of the NYC Construction Codes, this certification is required for supervisors of suspended scaffold projects in New York City. The certification is valid for four years. A one year grace period is allowed to renew the class with the refresher course.

Methods of Instruction

The 32-hour training program is composed of many components such as power point presentations, lectures, real life case studies, and classroom discussions.

Completion Requirements

Each student is required to complete 100% of the course, as well as actively participate in all learning activities. Additionally, the review quiz is required to obtain a course-completion card.

Make-up time is permitted for this training course under the condition that the student completed at least 50% of the training. Students who miss time before finishing 50% of initial class or missed more than 50% of total time must reschedule and attend the full training course.

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