4 Hour SST Bundle

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Project Description

 Local Law 196  mandates that 62 hours of training are required to receive a Supervisor Site Safety Training (SST) Card. The deadline to complete this training is June 1, 2019. This bundle includes 8 hours of these requirements, specifically:

  • 8-HR SST Supervisor Package:
    • 2-Hour Site Safety Plan
    • 2-Hour Pre-Task Meeting
    • General Electives
      • Stairways and Ladders
      • Tools – Hand and Power
    • Specialized Electives
      • Personnel Lifts/Aerial Lifts/Scissor Lifts Safety
      • Scaffolds-suspended
Course Length 4 hours
Course Pricing Pricing will be provided upon request. Please call us at 347.510.4283, Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm EST, or email us at info@andromedaacademy.com.

None required; Students need to be able to verbally communicate with instructor in primary language of the training.


Any individual including those who need to complete 4 hours of training for their SST requirements. This curriculum is also a required course that can help fulfill the requirement for an individual applying for a Site Safety Training Card.

Methods of Instruction This course will consist entirely of power point presentation, lecture, real life case studies and class discussion. Immediately prior to the end of the course, students will independently participate in a multiple-choice quiz, which will then be discussed and reviewed within the class with instructor oversight. Students will not be required to achieve a passing score, and the quiz is intended to serve as a review of the course topics. Alternatively, the course content can be provided as actively proctored online training, and classroom assignments or hands-on activities can be provided using virtual reality setting.
Completion Requirements

Each student is required to complete 100% of the course, as well as actively participate in all learning activities. Additionally, the review quiz is required to obtain a course-completion card.

Make-up time is permitted for this training course under the condition that the student completed at least 50% of the training. Students who miss time before finishing 50% of initial class or missed more than 50% of total time must reschedule and attend the full training course.


Call or email to schedule a group class.


Call or email to schedule a group class.

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